Updated 1/8/2022

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The Process

My research and my art often inform each other. Without an understanding of the method an object was made, I believe one cannot fully understand its value and function. For example, to understand the difficult process of 19th-century wallpaper and textile manufacturing, I not only read about the techniques, but I also learned how to print on a yardage table by hand. The ability to design and print a repeat helps me to identify the technique used in historic samples.

When writing my senior thesis, which looked at the social influence of Spiritualism on Evelyn de Morgan's artwork, I also made a separate "visual" thesis. This assisted me in understanding the complex imagery de Morgan used in her lunar paintings.

I have a range of interests, from wallpaper and textiles to printmaking and furniture making. I broadly define my area as "19th-century arts and culture", although I often step into the early 20th century as well. Right now, I'm focused on residential wall coverings. In the future, I'd like to focus on other topics, children's furniture, toys, and upholstery.


Current: Layers in Time: Behind the Wallpapers of Ryves-Holt House - Autumn 2021

An in-depth view of several early 18th and late 19th century wallpapers found in the Lewes Historical Societies Ryves-Holt House c.1665. Research into the home's residents questions how an extravagant ashlar-brick wallpaper was obtained in such a small and non-affluent community. This project coincides with the exhibit "Boy, Man, Hero: Jacob Jones - Lewes' Own" opening in October 2021 at the Ryves-Holt House.

Undergrad Thesis: Celestial Spirits & Earthly Bodies: Evelyn de Morgan, Spiritualism & the Lunar Goddess - May 2021

An examination of the impact of feminism and spiritualism on 19th-century representations of Greco-Roman lunar goddesses. Looking at period scholarship about classical imagery and its narrative sources, along with the expanded role of women in spiritualist artistic circles, this paper surveys the new ideas regarding female lunar deities that emerged under the lens of late 19th-century occultism in Europe, particularly in England. After analyzing spiritualism, my research concentrates on the life and work of Evelyn de Morgan. De Morgan, who was closely aligned with the Pre-Raphaelite movement in England, created lunar images whose iconography was inflected by both feminist and spiritualist ideologies. I then examine imagery and symbols of artists who were part of the Pre-Raphaelite movement. My thesis demonstrates that female artists like de Morgan sought to reshape narrative paintings of classical, mythological subjects into allegories, as they attempted to reform the iconography of the moon within the context of feminist goddess spirituality.

Burton-Ingram House Installation Guide - August 2020

A full overview for the reinstallation of the Lewes Historical Societies Burton-Ingram House c.1785.

The Burton-Ingram House: A Brief History, The Building, and Families - August 2020

An updated and complete chronology on the history and residents of the Burton-Ingram House c.1785.